Private Medical Insurance

If you have private medical insurance, please contact your insurer before your consultation, to check the terms of your policy. Particularly the level, and type of outpatient cover you have, including any reimbursement limits on individual consultation fees. 

Yemi Kuponiyi is recognised by the private medical insurers listed below:

Health Insurance Logo Bupa
Health Insurance Logo Aviva
Health Insurance Logo WPA
Health Insurance Logo Allianz

Self-paying patients

Consultation fees

Initial Gynaecology Consultation. £240
Follow up Gynaecology Consultation. £200
Initial Obstetric Consultation. £240
Follow Up Obstetric Consultation. £200

Ultrasound fees

6-11 weeks early dating scan. £200
Comprehensive Gynaecology scan. £240
Follicle tracking ultrasound scan. £150
New Combined Consultation and Ultrasound scan. £400
Follow up Combined Consultation and Ultrasound scan. £330

Private Maternity Care

To discuss private maternity package, Caesarean section only and other individualised packages please contact

Following your consultation, you may require specific tests (such as blood tests or imaging, for example an X-ray, MRI or CT scan) to help Dr Kuponiyi diagnose your condition.  If the test is undertaken by the clinic or hospital, and not by Dr. Kuponiyi, the fees for those tests will be determined by the clinic or hospital and charged to you, or your private medical insurer, separately.

Should you cancel your appointment with less than 1 hours notice, a cancellation fee of £50 for initial consultation and £50 follow-up consultation may be charged.